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Heart of the Millennial - New Meshes and Recolors for Teens

Brace yourself, the Sims are evolving

Hey babes, recently I converted some iconic meshes for teens, preceded by E-Neillan, who originally converted them from TS3 for adults. These various meshes were works of ooobsooo, plushxsims, cualquiere, savage-sims, 2rasso, semller, 77sims, and theslyd. Also converted is alwayssims's sleeve opening sweatshirt.

You get 6 comfortable top-o's (Which are perfect for this winter!), and two agelessly wistful, re-born slacks (A third, the high-waisted joggers, is included but not photographed in the sample. *where is my mind gradually begins to play*). Unfortunately, as time is sparse, there are no morphs or recolors. There is only one recolor for each mesh, excluding my bonus. So sorry! I've included the link to the adult version where you can find an abundance of recolors to convert and base. As I'm notorious for my morphs as well as my love for people of various sizes, shapes, genders, indentities, and shades, I do feel obligated to create them. As I cannot do it in bulk fashion at the moment, feel free to request them individually if ever needed.

Paradisiacal. Join the cult! As a bonus, I bring to you two saucy designs by yours truly, plastered on custom meshes (tops), also by yours truly.

Download (All meshes included)

Keep it tropical. (;
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