November 21st, 2017

Magic Carpet Waistshirt Ride - Fixed Waistshirt Accessory Mesh

Hello all! Awhile back, I fixed a very fun, useful mesh (which is known for it's texture issues by the most of you) for a project of mine. I decided to upload it for you guys. Included are recolors by MissTiikeri (The original converter who, unfortunately, is no longer active), and Mr. Ostrichbird. The recolors were personally resampled by myself as the originals are available for adults only.

For those of you who already have the original:
Replace, replace, replace! Replace the mesh, guys. As always, I placed the mesh outside of the folder so hopefully if your older version is detected, the newer one will override it. Even if you have both versions, the newest always automatically overrides (depending on specific factors. This is a standard clothing mesh so you should be fine). But to preclude any unforseeable mishap (Trust me, i've seen enough), it's always best to manually do it yourself as it's most effective and safe. As for the recolors, because of the cache as well as Sim data, your older recolors may appear heavily distorted and messy. To fix,

1. Clear necessary cache files. If this is unsuccessful, see step 2.
2. Reimport the mesh as a new recolor.
3. Though rare, if you're dealing with a Sim in the catalog who is sporting the older version, it may become a bit attached to them due to the data following. Like gum, it can be very strussful. If this happens, step 2 is always handy.

If you did not previously install the older version or have any active recolors for them, just skip everything; go on to your download. You go Glen Coco.


Stay wavy ~