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Get Your Kicks Part II - Amovitam's 3t2 Shoerack Shoe-ified by Lovelace (UPDATED MESH)

Eeeeeeeye. Long time no talk, right? Anyways, beside the sub-par graphic design, I bring to you more gender-neutral shoes for your shoeracks! So I was building for a character of mine, right, and I pull up this shoerack - though a gorgeous mesh, the shoes supplied were as indifferent to my character as she is to them. I went ahead and included some more gender neutral shoes for not only my Sims but yours, dig it?

What a more perfect time to upload than now, right? I mean, with the sick new TS4 update and all.


(These bad boys are located in decorative/misc)

Rock 'n' Roll

This mesh has been updated! The previous version had a GUID conflict with the original resulting in the original pulling the new version's recolor. That has been fixed. As well, this mesh is now recolorable.

If you installed before Tuesday, June 07, 2016 at 1:23 PM, replace!
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