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Bad Girls - Lighter ACC and Poses by Lovelace with Recolors by TFW

Yo yo yo yo,

Long time no talk, I know. I bring to you guys a quick whip I did for a series of mine that I thought I should share.

You get Aikea Guinea's phenomenal lighter mesh converted as an accessory.

As well, you get a box of overlays for them - some posed with Rosesim's cigarette mesh (included). Some poses are weird as well as have clipping because SimPe CAN'T CONTROL ITSELF. I saw last minute and I didn't feel like fixing by then so, apologies. Personally, I'm not a smoker (depending on the substances in question), and I don't encourage it, but some Sims have habits, y'know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Last but not least you get over 30 recolors by the wonderful 2fingerswhiskey. Let me tell you a story about this fella'. Here I am, slumped up with tasks galore. I call this shit up like "Hey, wanna' do this for-" and before I got to the 'm', he was on it. Pitched him designs and he whipped these up for you guys within seconds; shout out to this kid specifically.

Download Accessory (Cigar Included)
Download Box

Rock 'n' Roll
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