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That Time of Year - Williams Gas Heater (NEW MESH, Fully Functional)

Yo! Obviously I've been AWOL for a while. My life has been mad suavey, pretty eventful, and time-absorbing! Anyways, from a single burst of time, I produced an entirely new mesh. For my first made-from-scratch object, it's not too bad.

Fun story: Back when I was a fetus and Elementary School was an actual thing, my sister and I would wake up punctually at the exact same time every morning and get dressed on our designated sides of the wall in front of these bad boys. Mornings were cold and this was generally our only source of heat - fun times!


Easily installable and flexible to most commercial lots, the Williams 2559622A is a cheap, self-servicing block of wires/metal. Operate by lighting the big, square fire-maker with your closest lighter! Who needs the tiny, talking flat things of 2016? Let's go back to perpetual effort, backache, and hard-working fun!

FULLY FUNCTIONAL. Yes, your Sims can warm their vertex-challenged buns

I wasn't joking


(Located in decorative/misc)
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