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[CAMPUS: PART ONE] Afro-Cen - 6 New Tops for Teens

CAMPUS "Claim Your Turf"

One day, after work, I find myself home online shopping for new digs. Some made the cut...and some didn't - Whichever passed or not, I did have the urge to re-create a few for my Sims and yours! Campus is a collection of selective apparel for a wide variety of young people as well as my last CC offering of 2016. That being said, it will be big!


PART ONE: Vibrant, wild, fun, loud, colorful, absurdly striking, and often times alluring, they've made their mark. Whether at the campus quad, the local trade, a Walmart, or even the media, you know them. These are the afro-cens and regardless of skin complexion, anyone can enjoy these quite colorful and personable digs.

Glitches: I made the most careless mistake of ignoring a tie. The most trivial thing; hopefully it's not too much of a pet peeve.

Download (All meshes included minus Fangle Hoodie, which can be found here)

SK Chill Hoodie TF: This is an adult to teen conversion mesh by yours truly. This mesh is included in the original zip, however, if you find yourself hunting down this mesh in the near future, you can easily get it here.

Download (MESH ONLY)
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