Chino - New Mesh for TM-AM

Yo yo yo! Long time no talk, right? I've actually been taking some time off from the Sims Community (temporarily or indfinitely; depending) due to the demand of School and my life in general. I'm still making CC, though (with whatever time I'm granted).

Anyways, on to the CC! I bring to you a new mesh by yours truly. This would be my first custom, non-EA-related mesh I've created next to my unreleased hair.

This was originally made just for kicks, my guy. I absolutely did not expect to learn so fast or upload the first mesh I ended up scrapping up. It ended up coming out really well so, I mean, here it is. ✌


Go wild.

Don't ask me about Jon Seda or I Like it Like That. The universe itself does not hold the capacity to store what I have to say (I'm counting measurements of time and space) about that movie or man.

Just Us Girls - New Poses, Animations, and More

Hey, babes. Long time no talk, right? Anyways, I bring to you some animations, poses, and an accessory straight off the set of my upcoming series Wilde.

The box includes animations, poses, and several overlays! A bunch of film trash to make a few filmers' lives easier.

(Click images for previews)

Download Box
Download Accessory

Accessory may not be available for child female. Accidentally screwed that up and I'm sortakindamaybe a little too lazy to fix it.

Enjoy and take care!

Movie Date @ Eric's - 8 New Tops for TM

Hello, again. I won't be home later this week and I'm not exactly sure when I'm coming back SO I decided to upload these delicacies for you babes before I go.

Download (Meshes Included)

Stay gorgeous and take care. *kiss kiss*

Looks Good in Whool - The Letterman's Jacket Converted 3t2

This is starting to look like a daily thing, right? But, anyways, I bring to you beautiful people a stunning jersey! The jersey, originally male only, was converted for females by request [the most ghastly wink]. As it was requested specifically for TF, there is no AF version at the moment, though I'd be open to a conversion if it was wanted.


Rock 'n' Roll